CEM SSM Synthesizer

CEM and SSM chips


CEM3318 ADSR (microprocessor-controlled via two voltages)
CEM3320 24 dB/Oct. VC multimode filter
CEM3328 24 dB/Oct. VC LPF
CEM3330 exp/lin VCA
CEM3335 exp VCA
CEM3340 VCO (Saw,Tri,Pulse)
CEM3345 VCO (Saw,Tri,Pulse) with comparator
CEM3350 12 dB/oct Multimode Filter x2 (no notch)
CEM3360 VCA x2
CEM3371 Envelope x2
CEM3372 24 dB/oct. Filter, Mix, VCA
CEM3374 VCO x2 (PWMable Pulse, Tri, Saw)
CEM3378 24 dB/oct. VCF, 2-channel mixer, VCA
CEM3379 24 dB/oct. VCF, VCA, VC pan
CEM3381 / PDA381 VCA x2 linear
CEM3382 / PDA382 VCA x2 log
CEM3385 24 dB/oct Filter (LoFi)
CEM3387 signal processor 3-4 pole cascade Filter, VC Pan/VCA
CEM3389 signal processor 4 pole Filter, VC resonance, VCA, VC Pan
CEM3391 Microprocessor Controllable: VCF, VCA, Env (ADSR)
CEM3394 Microprocessor Controllable: VCO, VCF, VCA, external input (complete synth voice)
CEM3396 Microprocessor Controllable: Wave-Shaper x2, VCF, VCA
CEM3397 same core design as CEM3396 but with separate external signal (noise/sub/wavetable) input and VCA to mix stage and additional Pan VCA and L/R output stage. Originally labelled MS1215 and designed for Marion Systems MSR-2. Relabeled as PA397 for DSI.
CEM5508 / PD508 Octal Sample&Hold (8x)
CEM5530 30ch multiplex sample&hold (Prophet VS)


SSM2000 Dual Linear-Antilog Voltage Controlled Amplifier SSM2013 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
SSM2014 Voltage Controlled Element
SSM2015 Microphone Preamplifier
SSM2020 Dual VCA
SSM2024 Quad VCA
SSM2030 Voltage Controlled Oscillator: Sawtooth, Triangle, Pulse (with PWM) and Soft Sync
SSM2031 High Frequency Oscillator/Voltage to Frequency Converter
SSM2033 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
SSM2038 Voltage Controlled Oscillator: Sawtooth, Triangle and Pulse (with PWM)
SSM2040 4-Section VCF (Exponentially controllable Cutoff over a 10,000 to 1 range, i.e. >13 octaves) SSM2044 4-Pole VCF
SSM2045 Music Voicing System : VCF (2-Pole and 4-Pole Low Pass) and Mixer/VCA
SSM2047 Music Voicing System
SSM2050 Voltage Controlled Transient Generator
SSM2056 Voltage Controlled ADSR type Envelope Generator
SSM2100 Monolithic Log/Antilog Amplifier
SSM2120/22 Dynamic Range Processor/Dual VCA
SSM2164 Low Cost Quad VCA (16 pins, intended to replace the SSM2024, although not a drop-in replacement) SSM2300 8-Channel Multiplexed Sample&Hold

List of synthesizers and which CEM/SSM ICs they use


AX60: 6x CEM3394 uP Voice
AX73: 6x CEM3394 uP Voice
AX80: 8x CEM3372 uP Signal Processor -CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA
S950: 8x 3387 (Marion Systems MS-9C upgrade only)
VX90: 6x CEM3394 uP Voice
VX600: 12x CEM3374B (IC1), 12x CEM3378 (IC5), 9x SSM2300 (IC 10-14 & IC 20-23)

Aries System 300 modular

AR-338 oscillator: 1x SSM2030
AR-341 dual oscillator: 2x SSM2030
AR-344 dual envelope: 2x SSM2050

EEH (Electronic Engineering Hoffmann/Hopf)

Banana: 12x CEM3310 EG, 12x CEM3340 VCO, 18x CEM3360 Dual VCA, 6x SSM2044 VCF


296 Programmable Spectral Processor: 8x SSM2020 VCA, 1x CEM3360 Dual VCA


MS6: 6x CEM3396 VC Waveshaper


Bit 01: Bit 01: 6x CEM3328 VCF
Bit 99: Bit 99: 6x CEM3328 VCF
Bit ONE: 6x SSM2044 VCF Early Models, 6x CEM3328 VCF Late Models
Composer: 2x CEM3310 EG, 2x CEM3320 VCF, 2x CEM3330 Dual VCA
Performer-2: SSM2040, SSM2050
Stratus: 6x CEM3310 EG, 6x CEM3320 VCF, 6x CEM3330 Dual VCA, 1x SSM2020 VCA, 1x SSM2055
Spirit: 2x CEM3340 VCO, 2x CEM3350 Dual VCF, 3x CEM3360 Dual VCA
Trilogy: 6x CEM3310 EG, 6x CEM3320 VCF, 6x CEM3330 Dual VCA, 1x SSM2020 VCA

Digisound-80 modular

80-2 VCO: CEM3340 VCO
80-3 VC LFO: CEM3340 VCO
80-4 VC Mixer: 3x CEM3330 dual VCAs
80-6 VCF: CEM3320 VCF
80-7 VC State Variable Filter: SSM2040 VCF
80-7A VC State Variable Filter: CEM3320 and CEM3335
80-8 Dual ADSR: 2x SSM2050 EGs
80-9 Dual VCA: CEM3330 dual VCA
80-10 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator: CEM3310 EG
80-16 Dual Resonant Filter: CEM3350 dual VCF
80-18 Dual Multi-Function EG: 2x CEM3310 VCEGs
80-19 Dual VC LFO: CEM3374 and CEM3360
80-C9 Voice Card: 2x CEM3310 VCEGs, 2x CEM3340 VCOs, CEM3360 dual VCA, CEM3372 signal processor


A-105 24db SSM Low Pass Filter: SSM2044
A-106-6 XP Filter: CEM3379
A-107 Morph. Filter: CEM3379
A-109 VC Signal Processor: CEM3379
A-111-1 High End VCO: CEM3340
A-111-2 High End VCO II/A-111-3 Micro Precision VCO: CEM3340
A-111-4 Quad Precision VCO: CEM3340
A-111-5 Mini Synthesizer Voice: CEM3394
A-121 Multi Mode Filter/A122 LPFilter/A123 HPFilter: CEM3320
A-122 LPFilter: CEM3379 in later versions
A-130 VCA (linear)/A-131 VCA (exp.)/A-134 VC Panning: CEM3381
A-132-3 Dual Lin/Exp VCA: CEM3360 (early versions)
Dark Energy, Monophonic Synthesizer: CEM3394 (original model only)


Add-one: 8x CEM3389


Drumulator: 2x SSM2044
Emax: 4x SSM2300 (Sample/Hold Mux), 8x SSM2047 (Filter/Amp)
Emulator-I: 4x SSM2044
Emulator-II: 8x SSM2045 (24 dB/oct analog 4-pole low pass resonant filter (LPF))
SP-12: 2x SSM2044
SP-1200: 2x SSM2044


EK-22: 6x CEM3396 VC Waveshaper
Synthex: 8x CEM3320 VCF


ESQ-1: 8x CEM3379 VC Signal Processor Filter/Mix/VCA, 1x CEM3360 Dual VCA, 4x SSM2300
Mirage: 8x CEM3328 VCF
SDP-1: 10x CEM3328 VCF
SQ-80: 8x CEM3379 VC Signal Processor – Filter/Mix/VCA, 1x CEM3360 Dual VCA, 4x SSM2300


Fairlight CMI II/IIx: 8x CEM3320 VCF in earlier versions, 8x SSM2045 VCF in later versions

Fender / Rhodes

Chroma: 8x CEM3350 Dual VCF, 8x CEM3360 Dual VCA
Chroma Polaris: 6x CEM3374 Dual VCO, 6x CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA
Chroma Polaris II: 6x CEM3374 Dual VCO, 6x CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA


F9000: 4x CEM3320 VCF


L/D160: 2x CEM3391, 2x SSM2024
P120N: 2x SSM2044
PK120/150: 1x CEM3391, 2x SSM2024
PK/MR250: 2x CEM3391, 2x SSM2024


K3(m): 6x SSM2044
SX-210: 8x SSM2044
SX-240: 8x SSM2044


CTS-2000: 1x CEM5530 30ch S/H, 8x CEM3389 VC Signal Processor


Mono/Poly: 4x SSM2033 VCO, 1x SSM2044 VCF
Poly-61: 6x SSM2056 EG
Polysix: 6x SSM2056 EG, 6x SSM2044 VCF
Trident MK1: 9x SSM2044 VCF
Trident MK2: 9x SSM2044 VCF


LinnDrum: 2x CEM3320 VCF, 1x CEM3360 Dual VCA
Linn 9000: 4x CEM3320 VCF


Memorymoog: 19x CEM3340 VCO, 26x CEM3360 Dual VCA, 12x CEM3310 EG


DMX: 4x CEM3320 VCF – “Conga”, “Timbale”, “Toms”, “Noise” Voices
DPX-1: 1x SSM2013 VCA, 8x SSM2045 VCF, 5x SSM2300
DX: 1x CEM3320 VCF – “Toms” Voice
Matrix-6 & Matrix-6R: 6x CEM3396
Matrix-12: 12 x CEM3374 Dual VCO, 12 x CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA
Matrix-1000: 6x CEM3396 (narrow version)
OB-1 (same as OBI or OB-I): 2x CEM3310 EG
OB-8 & OB-Xa: 2x CEM3330 VCA (Some OB-Xa models), 2x CEM3360 Dual VCA, 16x CEM3340 VCO, 16x CEM3310 EG, OB-Xa 16x CEM3320 VCF, OB-8 8x CEM3320 VCF
OB-SX: 2x CEM3340 VCO, 1x CEM3320 VCF, 2x CEM3310 EG per voice
OB-X: 16x CEM3310 EG (2 per voice)
Prommer: 1x CEM3328 VCF
Stretch-DX: 3x CEM3328 VCF LPF
Xpander: 6x CEM3374 Dual VCO, 6x CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA

Octave Plateau

The Cat SRM: 1X SSM2040 VCF
Voyetra-8: 8X SSM2024 VCA, 8X SSM2044 VCF, 16X CEM3340 VCO


9601 Stereo Compressor: 1x SSM2120
Proteus: 2x CEM3340 VCO, 1x CEM3320 VCF, 1x CEM3310 EG, 1x CEM3330 Dual VCA


Wave 2: 8x CEM3320 VCF, 8x CEM3310 EG
Wave 2.2 / 2.3: 8x SSM2044 VCF, 4x CEM3360 VCA


CMU-810: 1x CEM3340 VCO
DDR-30: 6x DEM3360 Dual VCA
Jupiter-6: 12x CEM3340 VCO, 6x IR3109 VCF, 6x CEM3360 Dual VCA
MC-202: 1x CEM3340 VCO
MKS-20: 5x CEM3360 Dual VCA
MKS-80 (to serial #511799/early models): 16x CEM3340 VCO, 8x IR3109 VCF, 8x CEM3360 Dual VCA (4 for X-Mod)
MKS-80 (serial #511800 and higher/later models): 16x IR3R03 VCO, 8x IR3R05 VCF/VCA, 4x CEM3360 Dual VCA (for X-Mod)
SH-101: 1x CEM3340 VCO


Kobol: 2x SSM2050 EG, 1x SSM2040 VCF
Kobol Expander I&II: 2x SSM2050 EG, 1x SSM2040 VCF

Sequential Circuits

Drumtraks: 2x CEM3320
MAX: 6x CEM3394 uP Voice
Multi-Trak: 6x CEM3394 uP Voice
Pro-One: 3x CEM3340 VCO, 2x CEM3310 EG, 1x CEM3320 VCF
Prophet-5: the first Prophet 5 series used the SSM filter; later they were changed to CEM
Prophet-5 Rev 1 & 2: 11x SSM2030 VCO, 5x SSM2040 VCF, 10x SSM2050 EG, 21x SSM2020 VCA
Prophet-5 Rev 3: 11x CEM3340 VCO, 10x CEM3310 EG, 5x CEM3320 VCF, 14x CA3280 VCA
Prophet-5 Rev 4: CEM3320, CEM3340, SSI2140
Prophet-10: 22x CEM3340 VCO, 20x CEM3310 EG, 10x CEM3320 VCF
Prophet 600: 12x CEM3340 VCO, 6x CEM3372 VCF/VCA, 4x CEM3360 Dual VCA
Prophet 2000: 8x CEM3379 VC Signal Processor
Prophet 3000: CEM3387
Prophet T8: 16x CEM3340 VCO, 8x CEM3372 Signal Processor – CEM3372 Filter/Mix/VCA
Prophet VS: 4x CEM5510 Fast Sample/Hold, 2x CEM5530 30ch S/H, 8x CEM3379/CEM3389 VC Signal Processor, 2x CEM3365 Dual DAC Multiplier, 1x CEM3360 VCA
Six-Trax: 6x CEM3394 uP Voice
Studio 440: 8x CEM3389 VC Signal Processor, 1x CEM3360 Dual VCA, 1x CEM5530 30ch Sample/Hold
Split8: 8x CEM3394 uP Voice


DK-80: 2x SSM2045 VCF
DK600: 2x SSM2031 VCO, 6x SSM2024 VCA, 6x SSM2056, 6x SSM2044 VCF
EX-80: 1x SSM2045 VCF
Kiwi: 2x SSM2031 VCO, 6x SSM2024 VCA, 6x SSM2056, 6x SSM2044 VCF
Opera 6: 2x SSM2031 VCO, 6x SSM2024 VCA, 6x SSM2056, 6x SSM2044 VCF

Simmons Drums

MTX9: 1x SSM2300
SDS5: SSM2044 – 1x per module
SDS7: CEM3340 – 1x per module; CEM3372 – 1x per module
SDS9/SDS1000: 3x CEM3394 VC Synth, 1x CEM3372 (SDS9)
SDS8: 5x CEM3372 VC
SDS200: 2x CEM3394
SDS400/SDS800: 4x CEM3394


Programmer 24: 1x CEM3350 12 dB Dual VCF & 1x SSM2044 24 dB VCF
SM100 analogue synthesizer (6 voices): Each voice uses 2x SSM2056 (ADSR) and 1x SSM2045 (VCA+VCF)
TS3: 3x CEM 3360, 2x SSM 2300
TS4: 1x CEM 3360, 2x SSM 2300

Steiner Parker

EVI: 1x CEM3340 VCO, 1x SSM2040 VCF


SX-500: 1x SSM2045 (this synth module is a clone of the SIEL EX-80)


Syrinx: 2x CEM3310 EG, 2x CEM3340 VCO, 2x CEM3350 Dual VCF, 1x CEM3360 Dual VCA


Microwave1: 8x CEM3389 VCF,VCA,VCP in Rev A, 8x CEM3387 VCF,VCA,VCP in Rev B
Wave: 16x CEM PD508 Multiplexer/S&H, 16x CEM 3387 VCA/VCF, 1x Quad VCA SSM2024 for 4 voices


Spectra-DX series : 1x SSM2045